Deposit Insurance

Promotion Conditions

Bonus AmountUnlimited
Duration or PeriodPromotion Period Unlimited
Available toFor FBS Traders
ConditionsDeposit & Trade Required Lots

Wouldn’t you like to make sure that you DON’T lose any of your funds at the end?

With FBS, you can insure your Deposit Amount for Free!

Setup your Insurance as you want, from 10% to 100%(from $100 to Unlimited Amount), then trade with confidence!

How does the FBS Deposit Insurance work?

Here is the main condition of the “Deposit Insurance” Promotion.

Promotion Category
Service for traders
Minimum insured amount
100 USD(or equivalent)
Maximum insured amount
Promotion period
Trade the Required Lots for Insured Amount

And here is How the “Deposit Insurance” promotion works!

1. Make a Deposit to FBS Live Account

You can fund your live accounts with any methods you like.

Only Cent, Micro or Standard account types can join this “Deposit Insurance” Promotion.

2. Setup Insurance

You can choose to insure from 10% to 100% (minimum 100 USD) as you want.

Insured account will become “Swap Free” account.
The maximum leverage will be limited to 1:500.

3. Trade Required Lots(trading volume)

The number of Required trading lots depends on the Insured Amount. For Cent accounts, the required amount of lots is multiplied by 100.

Tradings on BTCUSD won’t be calculated towards the trading volume.

4. If you lose the insured funds, FBS will reimburse them!

(After completing the required trading lots) When the account balance reaches below 10% of initial balance, you will be entitled to get reimbursed by FBS for the Insured amount.

In the Personal Area, click on “Request payout” button.

Conditions of “Deposit Insurance” Promotion

Here is the full Terms and Conditions of the “Deposit Insurance” Promotion.

  1. The minimum amount eligible for insurance is $100, and the maximum amount is unlimited. You can choose to insure from 10% and up to 100% of your total deposit amount.
  2. In order to get reimbursed(compensated), you must trade certain required lots specified in the Personal Area when you apply for the Promotion. (the number of required trading lots depends on the amount of insured funds)
    • If you couldn’t complete even less than 50% of required lots traded at the time of insured event occurs, zero amount will be compensated.
    • If you complete 50% to 70 % of required lots, 30% of insured amount will be compensated.
    • If you complete 71% to 90 % of required lots, 40% of insured amount will be compensated.
    • If you complete 91% to 99 % of required lots, 50% of insured amount will be compensated
    • If you complete 100% or more of required lots, 100% of insured amount will be compensated.
  3. There is no time limit for the requirements to be completed.
  4. Trading volumes on BTCUSD won’t be included towards to volume calculation.
  5. Tradings made on ECN accounts are not accepted.
  6. Compensation(reimbursement) of your funds won’t be occurred if the insured event doesn’t occur in the account.
    • Insured event occurs when the account balance is 10% or less of insured amount.
  7. For any insured accounts, there will be different charges(spread or extra commissions) added on the standard settings. (you can cancel this condition in the Personal Area after you complete the required trading lots.)
    • Spread becomes 1 pip wider than the normal for all FX currency pairs.
    • $10 per 1 round-turn lot commission will be charged for tradings on Metals.
  8. The maximum leverage will be set to 1:500 for all insured accounts.
  9. In case you make a deposit to the insured account later on, you can increase the insured amount as you want. (up to 100%)
  10. You cannot lower the insured amount after setting up the insurance for an account, but increasing the insured amount is possible.
  11. You are allowed to make a withdrawal from your live accounts anytime you want, but the account balance cannot be less than the insured amount.
  12. When the insured even occurs, there will be the “Request payout” button available in the Personal Area. You can click on it to get reimbursed(compensated).
  13. After clicking on the “Request payout” button, FBS will check the application and other conditions to confirm that all conditions are fulfilled.
  14. If you wish, you can cancel your insurance anytime you want, In this case, no amount will be compensated neither entirely or partially.
  15. The “Deposit Insurance” promotion is available only for Cent, Micro, Standard account types.
  16. Swap is not applied to insured accounts.
  17. FBS reserves the right to alter or cancel any of the promotional campaign conditions fully or partly or put their action to an end anytime with no prior notification in accordance with the Company’s unilateral provisions.