Promotion Conditions

Duration or PeriodPromotion Period Unlimited
Available toFor FBS Traders
Conditions$450 Deposit & 3 Lot Traded

FBS is also a GREAT FX broker for EA traders!

With FBS’s VPS Server, you can run your EAs and Programs 24/7 non-stop, and comes with Protection from power and connection interruptions.

It is even Free of charge. It is a great opportunity to get yourself Fast and stable connection to the trading platform.

Cost of FBS VPS

FBS’s VPS service is Free of charge in case of conditions fulfillment.

The condition is: 3 Standard Lots(round turn) every month.

It should be very easy for EA(Expert Advisers) Traders!

How to acquire a VPS for yourself

Follow the steps below to get yourself a FREE VPS today!

1. Signup with FBS & Open a Live Account

Open a live account with FBS from here.

Open an Account

Please note that tradings on ECN account isn’t included towards lot calculation. But still you can use ECN account for VPS service.

2. Deposit over 450 USD (or equivalent amount)

You may fund the Live Account with any methods you like.

The deposit needs to be one-time deposit after 9th of November, 2016.

3. Login to the Personal Area & Request for VPS

Login to the Personal Area and Go to the “VPS Promotion” page, then click on the “Set up a server” button.

4. Enjoy the Free VPS

VPS is provided for Free to everyone for the first month. From the next month, you must meet the requirement as below.

Trade 3 Standard Lots

In case of “Cent” account, you must trade 300 lots to meet the requirement.

Trading volume on BTCUSD won’t be counted for the calculation.

Conditions of FBS VPS Server

Here is the full terms and conditions of FBS’s VPS service.

  1. In order to get provided with FBS’s VPS, you need to do the followings:
    • Making a one-time deposit of over $450. (Any deposits before November 9th, 2016 are not eligible)
    • Go to the Personal Area and request for VPS service by clicking the “Set up a server” button.
  2. The VPS service is free of charge for the first month of use only.
  3. From the second month, you must trade at least 3 standard lots(round turn) to use the VPS service for Free. (1 lot on a “Cent” account = 0.01 standard lot).
  4. The required trading lots need to be completed within the previous month.
  5. Trading volume towards the requirement is calculated for all symbols on FBS MT4 & MT5, but BTCUSD.
  6. Tradings on ECN account cannot be included for the lot calculation.
  7. In case you fail to meet the requirement(3 standard lot traded), VPS service fee of $33(for the next month) will be deducted from the live account.
  8. If you don’t have enough funds to pay for the VPS service fee as above, VPS account will be closed accordingly.
  9. The fee will be deducted on the date you signup for VPS service, of each month.
  10. The client can cancel the service anytime by clicking the “Cancel server” button on the service page in the Personal area. In case of the service cancellation, the service fee for the remainder of the month is not recalculated.