FBS Football Journey

Contest Conditions

PrizeFlights & Tickets to Football Matches
Registration DateFebruary 15, 2018 - March 15, 2018
Contest DateFebruary 15, 2018 - March 15, 2018
Available toFor FBS Traders

5 best traders of each tournament will go to the biggest football event of the year in Russia.

The Ticket and Flight are included to the prize!

Charge one or more accounts with a one-time deposit of $1000+ after 15.02.2018, 11:00 by MT time and attach it to the tournament of your choice.

Trade as many lots as possible to enter the Top 5 leaders.

The schedule of matches are as follows:

 Match attendance  Date
 Tournament 1  EGYPT-RUSSIA  19.06.2018
 Tournament 2  JAPAN-POLAND  28.06.2018
 Tournament 3  BRAZIL-SWITZERLAND  17.06.2018
 Tournament 4  SAUDI ARABIA-EGYPT  25.06.2018
 Tournament 5  SOUTH KOREA-GERMANY  27.06.2018
 Tournament 6  1/8 FINAL  03.07.2018
 Tournament 7  1/8 FINAL  03.07.2018
 Tournament 8  1/4 FINAL  07.07.2018
 Tournament 9  3rd Place  14.07.2018
 Tournament 10  Semifinal  10.07.2018
 Tournament 11  Finale  15.07.2018

How to participate to the Contest

1. Choose an account

If you don’t have an account, register one and become a trader.

Open an Account

2. Deposit money into your account

Charge the tournament account with a one-time deposit of $1000+.

3. Participate

Attach the account to the tournament you want to participate in and trade as many lots as possible.

*You can use only 1 account for each tournament. You can take part in all the 11 tournaments.

Terms and Conditions

  1. To participate, you should open a real account or use an existing one.
  2. You can open an account beforehand and during the entire contest period from 2018-02-15 11:00:00 till 2018-03-15 11:00:00 by MT time. The contest starts on 2018-02-15 at 11:00:00 (MT time).
  3. In order the account to be able to participate in the tournament, you must make a one-time deposit of over $1000 after February 15, 2018. One account participates in one tournament. You can participate in all 11 tournaments.
  4. Trading with the contest account is allowed from the beginning of the competition from 2018-02-15, 11:00:00 by MT time, and only lots traded during the contest will be considered.
  5. 55 participants (5 of each group) with the largest total volume of traded lots will receive exciting prizes – visit the biggest football event of the year in Russia.
  6. Contest period is 4 trading weeks.
  7. Affiliate commission for trading with an account taking part in the competition is credited without restrictions under the terms of FBS Partnership Program.
  8. If fraudulent activity was detected on the trading account, it gets disqualified.
  9. The Company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the promotion; the type and the name of the prizes; to disqualify the participant in case of rules violation or suspicion in using ill practices for winning and getting prizes, without prior notification.
  10. The company is not liable for technical disruptions and/or breaks in the internet connection on the side of the client and third-party services that can directly or indirectly affect client’s participation in the promotion.
  11. Internal and Partners Transfers are not counted as a deposit.