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What are the WTI & Brent Crude Oils?

WTI (West Texas Intermediate) is a composite blend produced from oil emerging in West Texas. WTI is the benchmark for all oil in the United States.

Brent is the global benchmark crude, Brent blend has over 20 oil fields exported from Sullom voe oil terminal in the Shetland. Brent is the major benchmark price for oil purchases around the world, and is used to price 2/3 of the world’s internationally traded oil.

It is traded globally in terms of “Barrels” 1 Barrel equals to 164 Liter.

Brent Crude comes from fields in the North Sea and includes Brent and Forties blends, and Oseberg and Ekofisk crudes. Easy to transport to far locations, this light and sweet oil is ideal for refining diesel and gasoline.

Why trade Oils?

The oil markets are a fantastic tool to trade due to their volatility. Investors often see dynamic movement in the market prices and market opportunities.

Oil markets react to news that is available to all.

General Trading Conditions
 Execution Model  Market Execution (NDD and STP)
 Re-quotes  No Re-quotes
 Execution Speed  95% orders executed within 0.4 second
 Order Interference  None
 Maximum Number of Orders  100 open & pending orders*
 Minimum Trading Volume  0.01 lot (with 0.01 step)
 Maximum Trading Volume  Up to 500
 Minimum Floating Spread  Starting from 2 pip (20 USD)
 Overnight Financing(Charge)  Swaps Apply(except Islamic Accounts)
 Leverage  From 1:33
 Margin Requirement  3.33%
Trading Hours  From 03:05 to 00:55 everyday
 MT4 Server Time  Winter: GMT+2 and in Summer: GMT+3 (DST)**
 NBP***  Fully supported for all symbols

*Up to 200 orders for “Standard” and “Zero Spread”. “Unlimited” accounts give access to an unlimited number of orders.
**MetaTrader time zone is Eastern European (EET).
***NBP stands for Negative Balance Protection.

Typical Spread Commission(in USD) Stop Level
BRN (Brent Crude Oil) 2 25 10

WTI (WTI Crude Oil)

2 25 10

*1 Lot size of each Energy symbol above is 1000 unit.
**The chart price for Cent and Standard accounts differs from the real market price by 0.1 pip, due to the characteristics of MetaTrader4.
***The value is given for 4-digit quotes. In 5-digit quotes the fourth digit after a comma is indicated (0.0001). In 3-digit quotes – the second digit after a comma (0.01). For example, in EURUSD quote – 1.36125; in USDJPY quote – 101.852.