Precious Metals

With FBS, Precious Metals are also available for trading along with other financial instruments on both MT4 and MT5.

Trading Spot Gold, Silver, Palladium and Platinum with FBS, gives you an advantage of profiting from both rising and falling market prices while at the time taking an opposite position in U.S. dollars or Euro.

Precious Metal is a great Opportunity to diversify your investments and risk.

Also, Gold is known as a “Safe Heaven” investment. Often used as a hedge against inflation or other high volatile market situation.

General Trading Conditions
 Execution Model  Market Execution (NDD and STP)
 Re-quotes  No Re-quotes
 Execution Speed  95% orders executed within 0.4 second
 Order Interference  None
 Maximum Number of Orders  100 open & pending orders*
 Minimum Trading Volume  0.01 lot (0.1 lot for Palladium & Platinum)
 Maximum Trading Volume  Up to 500
 Minimum Floating Spread  Starting from 3.5 pip**
 Overnight Financing(Charge)  Swaps Apply(except Islamic Accounts)
 Leverage  1:400 for Gold (1:100 for others)
 Margin Requirement  0.25% for Gold (1% for others)
Trading Hours  From 01:00 to 23:55 everyday
 MT4 Server Time  Winter: GMT+2 and in Summer: GMT+3 (DST)***
 NBP****  Fully supported for all symbols

*Up to 200 orders for “Standard” and “Zero Spread”. “Unlimited” accounts give access to an unlimited number of orders.
**Depends on account types. Trading without spread (fixed spread of 0 pip) is also available.
***MetaTrader time zone is Eastern European (EET).
****NBP stands for Negative Balance Protection.

Spread on FBS Standard Account

Minimal Spread Typical Spread Stop Level

Palladium (Palladium Spot)

240 295 40

Platinum (Platinum Spot)

240 285 40

XAGUSD (Silver)

2 5 0

XAUUSD (Gold Spot)

10 30 0

*Lot size of each metal symbol is 100 troy oz.
**The chart price for Cent and Standard accounts differs from the real market price by 0.1 pip, due to the characteristics of MetaTrader4.
***The value is given for 4-digit quotes. In 5-digit quotes the fourth digit after a comma is indicated (0.0001). In 3-digit quotes – the second digit after a comma (0.01). For example, in EURUSD quote – 1.36125; in USDJPY quote – 101.852.